Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Testing & Test Stands


Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Testing & Test Stands

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The MCM hydraulic hybrid transmission testing machine is designed to test hydraulic hybrid drive systems, being put to use on large commercial and industrial vehicles for the reduction in fuel consumption, brake wear, and CO2 emissions. The test machine is integral with the manufacturing process, and will accept post production assemblies to ensure validation of function, safety limits, and quality.

Hydraulic hybrid systems were developed as an alternative to battery-electric hybrid systems. They offer key advantages that make them a growing technology in reducing fuel consumption in the large commercial vehicle segment. Their designs utilize high pressure hydraulic motors, accumulators, valves, and control systems to capture regenerative braking energy; using this energy to propel the vehicle.

With a unique design and operating environment, high strength components and robust hydraulic systems must be ensured to be safe, leak free, function under extreme conditions, and meet high quality expectations. The MCM test machine system ensures these functions while simulating a dynamic environment, emulating the vehicle application. The machine checks component functions including spinning and absorbing power from the drive system.