Medical Testing Systems

The medical field is one of the most high-risk industries to serve, making the use of perfectly functioning instruments and devices crucial. A patient’s comfort and health are drastically impacted by any type of product failure, which is why Michigan Custom Machines prides itself on offering complete testing of diagnostic testing machines and medical equipment.

Medical devices feature various components and complex parts such as tubes, valves and instrumentation that creates additional challenges for the testing process of the equipment’s functionality. Michigan Custom Machine’s team of engineers have experience creating testing systems used for

  • Device leak
  • Diagnostics testing ­­
  • Mass flow and pressure decay

Medical Device Leak Testing Systems

Equipment that Michigan Custom Machines has the capability to create testing systems for includes:

  • Catheter
  • Bags
  • Check and Pressure Release Valves
  • Tubing
  • Sheath Introducers
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Oxygen delivery components
  • Diabetes and insulin pumps
  • Endurance testing
  • Heart valve (hydraulic)